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At the AFRO Cafe, we celebrate a unique way of life and
an inviting culture that draws you in.

Enjoy the full range of our Fairtrade coffee AFRO COFFEE and tea AFRO TEA, African-inspired dishes, traditional fabrics and patterns as well as contemporary works by African artists. Those who step through the door will feel as at home in
Africa as we do!


Art in the AFRO Cafe

Passionate, unconventional, funky. MONIQUE FAGAN is a true artist who finds creative inspiration in raw materials. Equally extraordinary is the background behind the traditional art of African tribes admired in the AFRO Cafe. Such creativity is definitely part of the Afro Lifestyle!

Afro Lady

MONIQUE FAGAN is a true South African Afro lady. During her work as a product developer at KEAG (Kommetjie Environmental Awareness Group), she began repurposing plastics and transforming discarded trash into eye-catching works of art. With society’s careless waste becoming Monique’s source material, this project allowed her to explore a greater creative vision and that's what we mean by Afro Lifestyle! We are proud that Monique’s beautiful sculptures now adorn the walls of the AFRO Cafe in Salzburg.

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Our African tea and coffee offer connoisseurs a really special experience. If you want to enjoy an African taste sensation with us, you can order AFRO COFFEE, AFRO TEA, Afro CUPS and Afro GIFT SETS or visit our online shop at : Afro Coffee Shop

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