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Afro Cafe

The AFRO CAFE is an exceptional destination characterised by warm hospitality, cherished traditions, incomparable locations and the offer of culinary delights. This special location has earned the Tauroa seal of quality and is proudly recognised as being ‘out of this world’.

At the AFRO CAFE, we celebrate a unique way of life and an inviting culture that draws you in.
Enjoy the full range of our Fairtrade coffee AFRO COFFEE and tea AFRO TEA, African-inspired dishes, traditional fabrics and patterns as well as contemporary works by African artists. Those who step through the door will feel as at home in Africa as we do!

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Food & Drinks


To discover the culinary diversity of Africa, you can get on a plane – or just simply visit the AFRO CAFE in Salzburg for an exciting journey of taste sensations.


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