Afro Cafe


Soaking up the lust for life.

Africa is pure, it’s colourful, it’s thrilling... and it’s also a coffee shop in Salzburg. Come and enjoy the unique tastes of Africa with a range of traditionally inspired dishes or simply enjoy a delicious cup of AFRO TEA or AFRO COFFEE in this one-of-a-kind setting. A celebration of contemporary African culture, AFRO Cafe is filled with design, fabric and colours that represent the vibrant origins of our coffee. As part of AFRO COFFEE's commitment to job creation, all the art and design in the café was created by artists back home. So come and take a trip to Africa with us!

Opening time

Food & Drinks

You don’t have to board a plane in order to discover the culinary diversity of Africa – a visit to the AFRO Cafe Salzburg is enough.

Besides the whole AFRO COFFEE, AFRO TEA and Cocoa range, there are also modern, African inspired Dishes waiting for you – no matter if for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


by Monique Fagan

Passionate, unconventional, cool. While working as a product developer for KEAG (Kommetjie Environmental Awareness Group), Monique Fagan saw a unique opportunity to turn trash into treasure. With the help of local residents, she collected litter from beaches and then together they transformed the rubbish into the beautiful sculptures that now decorate the AFRO CAFE in Salzburg. That is what we mean by AFRO Lifestyle!

The story behind the fabrics, table cloths and cushions is also unique. The imagery featured tells the story of AFRO Lady and AFRO Man, who is also featured in our logo. These colourful designs were created by young artists at a South African design agency. They derived their inspiration from artwork of African origin and contemporary African culture.